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Hamam is a real Turkish sauna in Moscow

Hamam is a sauna for aesthetes. In our complex "Tayozhnye Bani", the Turkish hamam is a part of the No. 5 log house “Ermak”, where it harmoniously combines in the neighborhood with Russian sauna on firewood. This is the uniqueness of this log house, where the two cultures of steaming are in the same place, so you can enjoy all the pleasures of making SPA treatments and steaming.

The Turkish hamam is well known to all lovers of the healing steam, and today you can find such a ritual in Moscow. In the complex "Tayozhnye Bani", in Moscow, you can enjoy luxurious decorations, traditions and a real hamam. We offer a wide range of bath services, restaurant and everything you might need for a relaxing stay. Sauna Hammam is allowed you to relax and throw away all negative emotions.

By renting a house with a hamam, you are guaranteed to receive a whole range of services and opportunities. So, what to expect? Capacity up to 40 people

  • Capacity up to 40 people
  • 2-storey house
  • Video, DVD
  • Karaoke "Evolution"
  • Restaurant service
  • The pool is 9 meters
  • Russian steam bath on birch firewood
  • Turkish bath HAMAM at low cost
  • 5 break rooms
  • Shower room
  • Living room
  • Anteroom
  • Billiard room

Our hammam in Moscow is a real Turkish sauna with a soft steam. The word "hamam" has ancient roots - "ham" in Arabic, means "hot". But the heat here is special, "soft." Turkish baths have practically no contraindications, because the temperature rarely exceeds 400C. Their thick and moist steam is not aggressive, it is great for those who hard tolerate the heat of a Russian steam room or the dry air of a Finnish sauna. The "right" hammam in Moscow is heated by a steam that does not dry the skin and does not harm the hair.

Modern Turkish bath in Moscow is a luxurious steam room, where you can breathe freely and easily, where it is comfortable for all healthy people, regardless of age and gender. If you have been looking for a real Turkish bath in Moscow, come to the "Tayozhnye Bani" - truly luxurious and comfortable – and enjoy the exquisite oriental ritual.

Hamam has no contraindications and by numerous reviews has a positive effect on the entire body. This procedure is useful for both: the body and the spirit.

As the Turkish hamam takes care of your health:

  • relieves stress;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • quickly restores the tone;
  • returns the skin velvety and smoothness (to strengthen the healing effect helps peeling with natural ingredients).

We can mention the fact that the Eastern culture of bathing procedures has a thousand-year history. Turkish bath with its ancient philosophy and rituals of steaming can restore not only physical strength, but also mental balance. Regularly visiting the hamam, you will have a healthy body, tightened skin, lightness and good mood. We follow the oriental traditions: you will find a high level of service and amazingly luxurious steam rooms. We recommend to combine a Turkish hamam with a massage, which help you to relax and recharge with positive energy.

The Turkish bath in Moscow is more accessible and closer than it seems! Enjoy the eastern ritual of the hamam without leaving the capital.

Hamam for two in Moscow is inexpensively

Are you looking for a romantic hamam in Moscow for two? We are ready to give you a first-class holiday and give an unforgettable experience. Charming atmosphere, taste of desire and sweet bliss - you will appreciate a time of quiet and sensual enjoying of each other. We give you a real fairy tale and let you feel the touch of harmony and luxury. The feeling of relaxation after the hamam is special - treat yourself to the time of magic and tenderness.

In the complex "Tayozhnye Bani" you can book a hamam for two in Moscow quite inexpensive. The price for the hamam procedure is 10,000 rubles per hour. This is lower than the cost of alternative services at this level. Our hamam is located in Moscow on the Volokolamsk highway near Krasnogorsk. Experience the heavenly bliss and real peace together.

Hamam with a swimming pool in Moscow

And you can feel your complete renewal, because we do not just offer to visit an authentic Hamam, made according to all the rules and traditions, but fully relax: from a hot steam room you can dive into a cool nine-meter pool, overlooking the inner courtyard where there are two spacious phyto barrels. Perhaps, a long time ago in the same barrels the Cossacks from Ermak's army took water baths, when they returned after campaigns on the protection the Russian lands, because the log house "Ermak" is a real steam sauna that absorbed a harmonious combination of the Ivan the Terrible era and rich merchant life, the spirit of military victories and conquest of Siberia.

Such natural cooling after a hot steaming room renders a positive effect on the body and activates metabolic processes. After the pool, do not forget to proceed to the comfortable lounge and enjoy the taste of herbal tea.

Hamam in "Tayozhnye Bani" is a real elite rest for you, your family and friends! Having rested in such a wonderful place, like the log house "Ermak", you will feel "strong and mighty" and desire to do great things.