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Bath in Moscow: prices for visiting

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Bathhouses с 10:00 до 18:00 с 18:00 до 10:00
Log house "Hunting" 
6 000 5000 rub/hour 6 000 5000 rub/hour 
Log house "Merchant"
6 000 5000 rub/hour 6 000 5000 rub/hour
Log house “Gzhel”
6 000 5000 rub/hour 6 000 5000 rub/hour
Log house "Rus"
6 000 4000 rub/hour 6 000 4000 rub/hour
Log house “Ermak”
10 000 rub/hour 10 000 rub/hour
Log house "Peter I"
6 000 
3000 rub/hour
6 000 
3000 rub/hour
Log house “Baikal”
10 000 rub/hour 10 000 rub/hour
Sauna Ofuro 2 000 rub/hour

2 000 rub/hour

Hamam (Turkish sauna) 10 000 rub/hour 10 000 rub/hour

Rent a hotel room Cost
per hour
per day
Premium Suite 1 800 rub 8,000 rub
Suite 1 500 rub 6,000 rub
Comfort 1,000 rub 4 500 rub
Standard 1,000 rub 3 000 rub

Thai massage and procedures Cost
Traditional thai massage 1 hour 3000 rub
Sports massage 1 hour 3000 rub  
OIL massage 1 hour 3200 rub
Aroma massage with herbal pouches 1 hour 3300 rub
Wrapping (chocolate, algal) 2000 rub
Scrubbing the body (salty scrub, coffee, algal) 2000 rub

Express massages 30 min Cost
Back massage 1900 rub
Head and face massage 1900 rub
Foot massage (foot massage) 1900 rub
Massage of the collar zone 1900 rub

Bathhouse services Cost
Express flight no. 1

Work of one bathhouse attendant.

Steaming up to 15 minutes of one person.

1000 rub
Express flight no. 2

Work of one bathhouse attendant.

Warming in the steam room for up to 30 minutes.

1500 rub
The steam of "Stalivar"

The work of two bath attendants in the non-stop mode up to 30 minutes.

One man's steam.

3000 rub

Duration 1 hour. Work of one bathhouse attendant.

The work of the bathhouse attendant includes::

  • Warming up

  • Flying - easy massage with brooms - no more than two people, or two pairs in pairs for one person.

3000 rub

Work of one bathhouse attendant.

Washing Birch broom and bath soap with natural extracts of herbs and essential oils.

1500 rub
Soap peeling

Work of one bathhouse attendant.

The procedure combines a wash and soap massage - the whole body peeling

Deep relaxing effect.

Cleansing, restoring the elasticity of the skin and strengthening the tone of the muscles and nervous system.

The procedure is carried out after hovering, on a massage table, with a foamy soap solution in gloves for peeling with elements of general massage. The procedure ends with a shower, optionally at the guest's request, a contrast.

2000 rub
Honey salt pilling

Natural honey and sea salt are truly a unique product containing a large number of trace elements and enzymes that have a beneficial effect on the human body and skin.

Medovo salt pilling grinds the skin, makes it velvety and smooth.

The procedure is carried out in the steam room. Honey salt mass is applied to well-steamed skin.

2000 rub
Ice wiping

The procedure is carried out during steaming.

The steamed body is wiped with ice from a decoction of medicinal herbs.

Contrast provides training of vessels of the skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscles, tendons.

It has a beneficial effect on the tone of the vessels and the youthfulness of the skin.

500 rub
Massage General Classic relaxing

Time: 45 minutes

Oil to choose from:

  • Oil of massage Jonsons Baby (antiallergenic)

  • Hemp Oil

  • Apricot oil

  • Grape seed oil

  • Cacao butter

  • Olive oil

3000 rub
Honey massage 3000 rub
Boiling in a royal way

1 hour.

1 person.
Goods for the procedure:
  • Herbal mattress
  • Aromatic brooms: clover, wormwood, eucalyptus
  • 6 brooms: oak, birch, fir.
  • The soap is black, the bast is a mitten.
  • Mineral water for pouring.

The program consists of:
  • Warming with birch whisks
  • Boiling oak brooms
  • Soap pilling
  • Washing
  • Boiling oak brooms through birch twigs.
  • Dousing with mineral water

8000 rub
Aroma heating

Time is 1 hour.

Up to 7 people.

Goods for the procedure:

  • 4 brooms: oak, eucalyptus

  • Aromatic tinctures to choose from: citrus, mint, needles, eucalyptus.

The program consists of:

  • Warming in a steam room in three sets with different aromatic tinctures.

  • Work bathhouse attendant in the steam room, by feeding and dispersing the heat brooms directly on each person.

4500 rub
For a couple

Time 2,5 hours

For 2 people

2 bath attendants

Goods for the procedure: 

  • 2 herbal mattresses

  • Brooms: 4 oak, 6 fir, 4 aroma broom

  • 1 soap
  • 4 gloves for peeling
  • 2 mineral water for pouring
  • 2 oils for massage to choose from

The program includes:

  • Synchronous work of two attendants

  • Warming up

  • Sailing with mineral water

  • Soap pilling

  • General relaxing body massage

25000 rub

Duration - 2 hours

For one person

1 bathhouse attendant

Goods for the procedure:

  • Birch fir - 20 pieces

  • Juniper broom - 1 pc.

  • Broom oak - 2 pieces

  • Birch birch - 1 piece

  • Bath soap - 1 pc

  • Honey for grinding - 1 pc

  • Beer for dousing - 1 pc.

The program includes:

  • Warming up

  • Flying on fir brooms

  • Wrapping with honey

  • Pouring beer

  • Washing with a broom

15000 rub

The minimum estimated rental time is 15 minutes. If you want to rent an inexpensive sauna, sauna for a day or spend a luxurious weekend in the best traditions of a Russian steam room, we invite you to the "Taiga Baths" complex. Start planning your vacation right now - with prices for bath services in Moscow and prices for hotel rooms can be found on our website. In addition, you can order a massage, book a table in the restaurant, or visit a karaoke bar. Regular customers receive discounts ranging from 10% to 50%. We are waiting for your visit! You can also buy a gift certificate in the bath.