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с 10:00 до 18:00 с 18:00 до 10:00
2 000 rub/hour 2 000 rub/hour
  1. Capacity 2-6 people
  2. TV, karaoke
  3. Restaurant menu service  
  4. The sea gravel font
  5. Spoon of the barrel for hovering
  6. 2 lounges
  7. Shower
  8. Living room with upholstered furniture

The Japanese bath Ofuro has appeared in Moscow recently, but has already won a lot of admirers - first of all, thanks to its meditative atmosphere and health effects. Another kind of Japanese bath Ofuro – is Furako. The fonts differ mainly in form and quite insignificant in fact. The principle of operation of both bath complexes is identical in general.

The bath Ofuro is not like the traditional Russian steaming room. Nevertheless, the benefit of visiting it is also high. In the sequence of dives is the healing effect of rejuvenating the body and calming the mind. Having been in a Japanese bath once, it is impossible to forget the state of lightness of body and mind that it gives. And the ladies must note the rejuvenation of the skin and weight loss. Modern Japanese bath Oufuro in Moscow allows you to experience the greatness of the traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ofuro Japanese bath barrel - it's exotic!

At the guest’s request the hostess-geisha can meet you. She helps the guests to undress, take a shower, to take in each of the four baths, and makes a relaxing massage. The Japanese bath barrel is filled with water below the level of the heart, both fonts have benches inside. The bath Ofuro is not limited to just a pleasant bath. Sometimes essential oils, herbal formulas, sea salt are added to the water. Having warmed up in the first font, the guest moves to the second, where the hotter water prepares the body for purification. Traditionally, the tanks are used heated small cedar or lime sawdust, mixed with aromatic herbs. All this mixture is usually heated to 60 ° C. During the procedure, the body warms up, metabolism improves, toxins and slags are released and immediately absorbed by sawdust. This is the miracle effect of the technique of the Japanese bath. The last stage of the Japanese barrel Ofuro - restorative massage – it is performed in a bath with a clean, heated sea pebble, which decomposes into active points of the body. Almost immediately after the procedure, you will feel how your skin is become fresh and smooth, improve its color, inflammations and rashes have passed. After the bath you can take a shower. Well, to complete the whole procession, of course, is worth with tea ceremony - drink herbal tea, think about the good and completely relax.

It should be noted that the temperature of water in Japanese baths can reach 50 ° C, for a Europeans it is very unusual, but after the first visit a person enters the regime and begins to enjoy what is happening. Experienced staff in our complex helps you to navigate and tell about all the stages of the procession.

Classical Japanese Ofuro is an integral part of the national culture. According to the centuries-old tradition, the Japanese take a bath at least once a day - just before dinner. But more often it happens two times a day. Invariably one: in all cases the procedure ends with an exquisite tea ceremony. You need to feel it. Imbued with a special atmosphere, which absorbed all the charm of the distant islands, forget about the daily stress, to feel truly refreshed and born again...

Japanese baths in Moscow at a great price are waiting for you in our bath complex. You can rent a bath for two or more people or personally take part in the wonderful ritual of the "four elements", relax your soul and get rid of a couple of extra pounds. Sauna Ofuro has almost no contraindications.

Japanese bath Ofuro (furako) - it's available!

We combined the steaming in the Japanese barrel Ofuro and added a steaming room in the form of a Finnish sauna. Japanese bath today is still a wonder, not every bath complex can offer you this exclusive pleasure. But in the bath complex "Tayozhnye Bani" such kind of service is available at an affordable cost. The price is 2000 rubles per hour visit.

Enjoy the best kind of rest - visit a bath together, having arranged a romantic format or come here a big company of friends. We also welcome families with children and are ready to offer all appropriate services. In the complex "Tayozhnye Bani" you can enjoy a full range of related services. "Tayozhnye Bani" offer you a unique Thai foot massage, Thai SPA procedures, Thai Oil massage or traditional Thai massage, as well as restaurant service and the opportunity to spend time at karaoke.