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Log house "Merchant"

с 10:00 до 18:00 с 18:00 до 10:00
6 000 5 000 rub/hour 6 000 5 000 rub/hour

What to expect:

  1. 2-15 people
  2. 2-storey
  3. Videos, DVDs
  4. Karaoke
  5. Restaurant service  
  6. Pool
  1. Steam
  2. 2 rooms
  3. Shower room
  4. Living Room
  5. Anteroom
  6. Billiard room

Additionally, bath-house services, massage and gourmet cuisine.
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You will like to bathe in the best merchant traditions - with a pool, billiards, karaoke and generous feasts. For those who know how to enjoy life, the complex "Tayozhnye Bani" recreated the atmosphere of traditional Russian abundance. A spacious two-storey log house is ready to put up a company of colleagues, celebrating the conclusion of a successful transaction, a noisy friendly company or a large family, gathered together to have fun.

The log house is made in a very special style. Deliberate roughness of the walls of Northern pine, treated so as to preserve the natural wood texture, combined with luxurious furnishings and cosy decor. On the soft cushions of the leather sofa at the big oak table easily seat 5-6 people. Traditional lampshades with fringe, Russian samovar on the table and portraits of beauties-merchants by Makovsky and Kustodiev as if invite to table talk, joke and tell life stories among family members.

The pride of the log house is a steam room with a wood-burning stove. Hot saturated steam relieves muscle tension, energizes and gives strength. The air is full of the scents of pine-tree forest. Heated, pine wood allocates special substances – phytoncides with powerful antibiotic properties. Therefore, in a sauna it is easy to breathe, and after procedures you cannot be afraid of colds. Having plunged into the pool with cool crystal clear water, located directly in the inner courtyard, you will feel yourself born again, and bathing in the healing oak barrel fills your body lightness and calm nerves.

Good steam awakens the appetite, so we have prepared a special menu for you - delicious and healthy meals cooked by the chef on the grill, will please you and your guests and give strength for new entertainments. For example, a gambling party of billiards. On the second floor of the log house there is a spacious billiard room. If you love fun, sauna with karaoke will be most welcome. In the log house there are a powerful stereo system with radio microphones, a plasma panel and DVD. Come and rest as merchants!