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Log house “Gzhel”

с 10:00 до 18:00 с 18:00 до 10:00
6 000 5 000 rub/hour 6 000 5 000 rub/hour

What to expect:

  1. 2-15 people
  2. 2-storey
  3. Videos, DVDs
  4. Karaoke
  5. Restaurant service
  6. Pool
  1. Steam
  2. 2 rooms
  3. Shower room
  4. Living Room
  5. Anteroom
  6. Billiard room

Additionally, bath-house services, massage and gourmet cuisine.
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(499) 702-36-36

For centuries steam room has had the greatest healing power to cure ill patients and to restore alertness healthy. Rest in a log cabin "Gzhel" — Russian sauna on firewood in Moscow - this is exactly what you need to throw off the burden of everyday worries. Hot steam room, filled with the magic aroma of fragrant herbs, rye bread and meadow honey, and a good broom in the skilful hands of the steam room attendant – can create a miracle.

You can relax as a couple, and the cheerful company with us, indeed sauna is designed for 15 people. Our steam room attendants, like their great-grandfathers, know the ancient techniques of sauna massage. And after the steam room, your fatigue will be lifted like a hand, melancholy and sadness will go away, the body will gain lightness, and thoughts - purity.

Sauna with pool

In the log house “Gzhel”, everything is thought out to the last detail: in Ancient Russia, a sauna on firewood was always standing on a river or lake. So we have - each log house has its own outdoor swimming pool, giving guests the opportunity to dip into the cool water. The courtyard with the pool is hidden from prying eyes by a high fence so that no one could interrupt your rest. And in some sauna, the pools are arranged in such a way that you can dip into the refreshing water directly in the steam room, and after swimming a few meters, find yourself in the inner courtyard. And those who want to join the ancient rituals, in a private courtyard awaits a real fairy tart filled with decoction of medicinal herbs, milk, wine or even champagne!