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Log house "Peter I"

с 10:00 до 18:00 с 18:00 до 10:00
6 000 3 000 rub/hour 6 000 3 000 rub/hour

What to expect:

  1. 2-15 people  
  2. 2-storey
  3. Videos, DVDs
  4. Karaoke
  5. Restaurant service  
  6. Pool
  1. Steam
  2. 2 rooms
  3. Shower room
  4. Living Room
  5. Anteroom
  6. Billiard room

In addition, the services of the bathhouse attendant, massage and gourmet cuisine. The
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You need to rest even from matters of state importance. Follow the example of Peter I - the great reformer not only made Russia closer to Europe, but also introduced Europeans with the Russian sauna traditions, which he has always been highly valued. Today we are inviting you to relax in a new log house, named after the first Russian emperor.

The log house is decorated in a unique style, combining Russian and European traditions. Spacious lounges, made in the spirit of the common rooms, and invite you to share adventurous stories with friends. This marine aquarium creates an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, in which it is nice to make plans for the future.

The steam room made of the cedar tree helps you to relax and forget worries. The cedar tree’s amazing aroma instantly fills you with energy and cheers up. Compared with other coniferous breeds of wood, cedar is denser and less resinous. Its wood is saturated with phytoncides - biologically active substances, which have pronounced antibacterial effect. Steaming in a sauna of cedar wood has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improves the tone of blood vessels and strengthens the immune system.

The next stage of emotional recovery and physical health – relax in the hydropool. Powerful water jets to quickly relieve stress, stimulating blood circulation and improving well-being. In addition, this is a great place to continue an interesting conversation.

There is also a billiard room on the second floor of the log house where you can communicate with friends. What could be better than gambling between visiting the steam room? For those who prefer to relax in privacy, we recommend SPA-procedures in a phyto-barrel set in a cozy and closed courtyard. Traditionally, it is heated with birch firewood, which burn slowly and gives off heat evenly. The barrel can be filled with beer, wine, milk and honey, herbal decoction and even champagne. Your rest in the log house "Peter I" will be unforgettable!