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Log house “Ermak”

с 10:00 до 18:00 с 18:00 до 10:00
10 000 rub/hour 10 000 rub/hour

What to expect:

  1. Capacity up to 40 people
  2. 2-storey
  3. Videos, DVDs
  4. Karaoke Evolution
  5. Restaurant service 
  6. Swimming pool 9 meters
  7. Russian steam bath on birch firewood
  1. Turkish Bath HAMAM
  2. 5 rest rooms
  3. Shower room
  4. Living Room
  5. Anteroom
  6. Billiard room

In addition, the services of the bathhouse attendant, massage and gourmet cuisine. The
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"Unknown by birth, famous soul" - so they say about the conqueror of Siberia, Cossack ataman Ermak. The log house "Ermak" is a real steam sauna that absorbed a harmonious combination of the Ivan the Terrible era and rich merchant life, the spirit of military victories and conquest of Siberia.

Here you can not only relax, but also touch the history of your people, with help of the elements of the interior decoration. The log house is made of row material of the Siberian pine, which exudes a fascinating aroma, filling the room with invigorating phytoncides. The log house "Ermak" is a real luxury holiday for you, your relatives and friends!

A spacious bath with steam and хаммамом for a large company

The first floor of the log house contained several rooms. Here there are a steam room and a beautiful Turkish hammam, where ideal conditions for lovers of the Turkish bath are created.

For rest there is a beautiful spacious hall, decorated in Russian style. From a hot steam room you can dive into a cool nine-meter pool overlooking the inner courtyard, where there are two spacious phyto-barrels. Perhaps, a long time ago in the same barrels the Cossacks from Ermak's army took water baths, when they returned after campaigns on the protection the Russian lands.

What could be more useful than a cup of real Russian tea after a steam room? We prepare the tea in an old copper samovar, which is heated on birch chips. Delicious dishes cooked on the grill will be very opportunely.

The heroes and defenders are not extinct in Russia. Having rested in such a wonderful place, like the log house "Ermak", you will feel "strong and mighty" and desire to do great things.